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Medication Review

Make an appointment with your pharmacist for a medication review to make sure that you are getting the most from your medications. Your pharmacist will review your medications, prescription and non-prescription, discuss how the medications are best taken and, where appropriate, create a medication management plan to address any issues.

Free Blood pressure monitoring

Drop by for a free blood pressure check at our blood pressure kiosk. Our pharmacy staff is at your service and will be happy to review your blood pressure information at your request

Free Prescription Delivery

If you are housebound,elderly or have difficulty getting to the pharmacy, we will deliver in St.Malo and surrounding areas.

Blister Packaging of Medications

At St.Malo Pharmacy, we offer blister-packing services for those patients who require the simplicity and safety that blister packing provides.

Over The Counter

We have a wide selection of products in our front store department. If there is a product that we normally do not carry please feel free to talk to us at the pharmacy, we will gladly try to order it in for you.

Safe Medication Disposal

Disposing of drugs properly will help avoid harm to others and the environment.
If there are any medications you are no longer taking, please dispose of them properly by bringing them back to the pharmacy. We will gladly take unused, unwanted & expired medications to safely dispose of them.
We do not accept used syringes/needles.

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